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How Cell Phones Ruin The Barbershop Experience


How Cell Phones Ruin The Barbershop Experience

Derrick Banks


We live in a microwave got to have it now digital world.  With the tap of a touch screen button we can order damn near anything, from damn near anyone, anywhere in the world.  Our social interactions are replaced with who we pretend to be on social media. Brand representatives meet brand representatives; we literally put our best faces forward.  Human to human interaction is at an all time low.  However, there is a place.  A place holding on for dear life, grasping on the cliff of face to face contact.  Ever so slightly slipping more and more into the abyss of the internet.   This place, the last resort before complete automation.  The last hideout for rebels, and revolutionaries who still enjoy having conversations face to face with no internet protocols between them, is known only to those that dare enter.  The Barbershop.


How Cell Phones Ruin The Barbershop Experience


1. Walking into the shop while on your cell phone. -- Whenever someone walks into the barbershop I like to greet them. I appreciate every single person who walks through the door.  However, how can I say anything to you without interrupting your previous conversation?  If you are new to the shop how can I ask you if you have an appointment or not?  How can I assist you if I can't even speak to you? The answer is, I can't. So please finish your phone call before you walk into the barbershop. 


2. On your cell phone while you wait.  -- Saturday mornings at the barbershop are my favorite.  Marcos (a long time friend and client) walks in at 9:30am. He greets Mr. Sanders, and Mr Ford and then greets everyone in the entire shop.  He captivates the attention of everyone in the shop because he has a unique perspective on social and political issues.  Mr. Saunders and Mr. Ford listen to us youngsters talk and only interject to correct us on our history, and offer insight that we never would have considered.   And you know whats great?  No one is on a cell phone.

3. Being on you phone whilst in the chair. -- The is the worst one.  Now I know that some of you never stop working even in the barber chair so for you multi-taskers you get a pass.  But for everyone else, please, please, please, I beg of thee. Don't have your phone out in the chair.  First of all it gets in the way. I have a razor in my hand, I'm trying to cut that stray whisker off of your mustache but you think it is imperative to watch Iggy Azalea's new video while in the chair.   

Also your posture while in the chair is very important. I can't get your hairline straight if your head is cocked to the side. Or facing down.  Some of you get all bobbled neck in the chair once you start giggly texting. Please sit still, chill, relax and get fresh. We got you! 


Cell phones make are lives easier. Help us to stay connected with each other. Help us schedule our appointments and even send us reminders. But lets remember that when we are out in public, it is important to have proper cell phone etiquette.  We are all part of the same community.  The human community, and face to face human interaction is vital towards our survival.

That's all for now, Thanks for reading. Please Comment - Like - Share this post. I respond to every comment so feel free to connect.