1 Reason your Barber might want to punch you in the Face

Well, well, well. Today I wanted to write a quick blog post and keep it short and sweet. Barbers or anyone else in a service based industry might tell you that no matter what happens “smile, grin and bare it, apologize even though it’s not your fault, and continue on to the next client”. Usually it is not the barber’s fault but he/she has to solve the problem anyway. Without further ado let me break down the number 1 reason why your barber might want to punch you in the face.

You come into the barbershop, you scheduled a men’s haircut and a beard trim. That is probably going to take your barber anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. You tell him you want a shadow fade. He asks you “you want me to fade it high, medium, or keep the fade low?”. You tell him you want a medium fade. “Just take a little off the top you say.” And Boom 45 minutes later, your barber has given you exactly what you asked for. He hands you the mirror, and you say wow thats amazing just what I asked for but…. “do you mind taking the fade the skin, also can you take a little more off the top?” I know I asked for a shadow fade but I just realized I’ll be out of town and I really need the fade to last longer. It is a this exact moment that your barber wants to snatch the mirror from you and punch you in the face. His next appointment has just walked in at his scheduled time and guess what? He’s not getting in the chair on time and neither are your barber’s next six appointments that he has back to back, all because you decided that you wanted to try a shadow fade all the while knowing that you wanted a skin fade. Well there goes your barbers lunch break out the window, and their goes the happiness of all the rest of his clients for that day. And your know what your barber says in that moment? “sure thing man, no problem, you know it’s my job to keep you looking good”.

And there you have it, the one reason why your barber might secretly want to punch you in the face. Not Freshly Faded clients though hahah, we know better. I say we because I’m not only a client I’m also the president. I schedule my appointments online and pay just like everyone else just incase anyone thinks I get special treatment. I must say that overall we have some of the coolest clients on the planet. You guys and gals travel the world. Have awesome jobs and always contribute to the cool sometimes wacky conversations in the shop.

Thanks For taking time out of your day to read this article.

Love y’all.


Derrick BanksComment