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What is the best haircut for your face shape?

Derrick Banks

 Isiah Washington Longer Face

Isiah Washington Longer Face

Now this is an interesting topic, and one that I've been dying to talk about.  Just think about it, have you ever wondered if the haircut your favorite celebrity is wearing actually works for you?  Now I believe that most haircuts can be tailored to the shape of a person's face but a few factors come into play. 

Forget Triangular, Oval, Heart shaped, pear shaped, ect. Most of us, and by us, I mean barbers only look for two things: Lenth and Width.  Is your face longer or wider.  Those two factors help us to determine what look would work best for you.  

 Isiah Washington longer face

Isiah Washington longer face

Long- If you have a long face then you want to keep your fade lower on the sides it helps to even out the deminsions of your head shape.  You also want to minimize the length on top because that's just going to make your head look even longer. You don't want to be the conehead in the room.   Isiah Washington is a good example of a person with a long face that grooms himself in a way that makes his look more flattering.  Notice how when his hair is long, and his facial hair is short he looks a certain way. But notice how once his hair is shortened on top and his facial hair is groomed a little bit wider, he looks more flattering and his face looks more proportioned.  

 Usher Raymond wider face

Usher Raymond wider face

Wide - If your face is wider then you probably want to stick to haircuts that have more lenth on the top and shorter sides. Since I love talking about fades you can go as high as you want just leave enough room for your barber to blend from short hair into longer hair.  Usher is a good example of a celebrity with a wider face that keeps his hair longer on top. This helps to elongate his face and helps accentuate his facial features.

Before you go switching up your hairstyle on your barber make sure you have enough hair on your head to get the desired look you want. Sometimes Father Time has already won the battle on that end, but don't forget you can always wear a cool hat or sprout an amazing beard. 

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