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5 black male haircuts you should know about

Derrick Banks

Check out the top 5 trendy black males in Hollywood and the music industry and the haircuts they're rocking. Some of the looks below might inspire you to switch your style up. It's always ok to try something new and different with your hair, as long as long as it fits your personality and facial features.

Michael Ealy - check him out in the number one box office movie The Perfect Guy with Sanaa Lathan. He's rocking a #4 guard all over with a shadow taper. Notice the soft edges of the haircut, you don't always need to have a sharp line to look great.

Michael B Jordan - Did an incredible job in the movie Fruitvale Station, about the murder of Oscar Grant, that movie will bring you to tears. In the picture below he's rocking a medium shadow fade. The length on the top is a #2 with the grain.

Omari Hardwick - aka James St. Patrick (ghost) from the hit t.v. drama on Starz called Power.  Ghost's character is both street and business, so it makes since for his haircut to be conservative but still maintaining a bit of urban style.  He rocks a #1.5 with the grain and a shadow taper. The sharp lines of the Goat Tee help to bring power and focus to his words.

Leon Bridges - Check out his album Coming Home, it is amazing throwback to the 1950's era of music and a breath of fresh air.  He rocks a pompadour style haircut with a hard part on the side. The sides are cut to about a 2 with the grain and his sideburns are kept square.

John D. Washington - You can check him out on the HBO hit show Ballers alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.  His haircut is another variation of the South of France haircut. The length is cut with a freehand technique so they're are no guards or sizes on this one.  The sides in the temple area are tapered and the beard is also faded down into the longer hair of the goat tee.

These are the top 5 black male trending haircuts of 2015. What do you think? Who's haircut do you like best? Please comment - like - share.

D.Banks - The best at helping you stay fresh!

Barbers are psychologists.

Derrick Banks

Barbers are psychologists.  We cut your hair, you share your life experiences with us and we also give and receive great advice.  We have been there for you through your break ups and make ups, through getting fired from one job, and receiving a promotion at another. We told you how cute your daughter was when she was born, and offered our condolences when an elderly relative passed away.  We have always been there for you and will always be there when you need us.


  According to a recent study by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, only roughly 2% of men go to therapy.  Men must have outlets, they must have a place where they can go to to express themselves, a place to talk to someone about life and let off steam, guilt, hurt, etc, all the while not compromising their masculinity. Do you know where this place is for most men? If you said the barbershop then you are 100% correct.

As barbers we have a pretty difficult job, not only do we have to remember exactly how we cut your hair last week and make your receding hairline absolutely perfect, we must also offer sound advice to help you navigate through life, and that to me is a huge responsibility.  And one not to be taken lightly.

It is our job to stay current on world events, politics, and sports.  But the most important job that we have is to lend our minds and ears to you.  It has been my pleasure for the last 11 years to listen to and learn from so many of you, I am extremely honored.  So next time you're down in the dumps or your ecstatic about the girl you met on tender feel free to share with us (we won't judge you) .

Thanks For Your Time.


Young Black Boy thinks Blackness = Ghetto

Derrick Banks

Junior is 12 years old. I've been cutting his hair for as long as he can remember.  Lately he's been getting into trouble at school, being "disobedient and rebellious" his mother says.  She decided it was time for him to be around positive male influences to help him have a clearer view of what it means to be a man, hardworking, and successful.  So a decision was made to have Jr. come to the barbershop, tidy things up a bit, and learn some lessons about life from the barbers and the patrons of the barbershop.

This week has been trying for me, I have to find things that Jr. and I have in common and relate to him, motivate him and persuade him through that avenue.  The human mind is a computer, it soaks up information from the hardrives of it's 5 senses and then bases it's reality off of what it has been exposed to.  It is my job to figure out what Jr. had been exposed to that is causing him to be a rebel without a cause, a revolutionary with no system or dictator to overthrow.

12 years old for a black male is a dangerous age and let me tell you why.  It is the age where you can go from the cute black kid, to "the suspect looks suspicious because he's wearing a hoodie".  You're right at the age where your so insecure about life that your ego inflates itself and you walk around like a know-it-all.  Around this time, whoever you look up to and want to be like has a lasting effect for at least 10 years.  So before the clay of Jr.'s mind dries on the spindall I have to help mold his mind so that he can find out who he is and what he wants to do before society dictates it for him.

Me: Do you have any black teachers?

Jr: No, I wish.

Me:  Have you ever had a black teacher in your life?

Jr: No, I havent. But, I have a Hawaiian teacher who acts BLACK

Me: What do you mean acts Black? what does that mean to you?

Jr: Well, you know ghetto

Me: So in your mind acting black = acting "ghetto" and If I'm not ghetto then I'm not black?

Jr: Exactly.

So now he have gotten to the core of it all. Jr. our beloved shop boy has been programmed. Programmed by television, music, magazines, and the people he looks up to. Programmed to believe that blackness = "ghettoness" and that if he believes that he is black, then he must act in this manner.

This is the situation that society, the media, and stereotypes create.  With shows on t.v. like Empire, the Game, Love & Hip Hop, what do you expect?

This is a tough one for me.  How do I tell him of all the great things that black people have contributed to society. How do I make it cool?  How can I speak to him about the great black civilizations of the world.  How Africa is the greatest ghost writer of science, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture and the arts?  I can tell him of all these things, but they can go in one ear and out the other.

So I'm asking your help.  Help me to help him.  When your in the shop show him what it means to be black.  And if your not black still help him to realize that skin color shouldn't influence your behavior. Help him to see that your morals, values, and principals that you live by should dictate your behavior. Help him, for in helping him we are helping ourselves. It takes a village.

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Dope Haircuts From The Movie Dope

Derrick Banks


I just wanted to take some time to write a post about the haircut rocked by the main character Malcolm played by Shameik Moore from the upcoming movie, Dope.  First of all I'd like to say that this is by no means a new haircut. It is simply a hightop not so faded haircut that was very popular in the 1990's. 

So allow me describe the hightop fade and the popular variations of it:

Kid N Play

Kid N Play

Hightop skin fade -

 A fade that is lowered all the way to the skin on the sides and the hair is left very high on the top, hence the word Hightop.  This haircut was very popular with Kid N' Play back in the day and if you don't know who they are then GTS! (google that stuff)

Hightop Shadow fade -

 A fade that is lowered to a shadow on the sides. Shadow meaning there is still hair there. In the case of the main character from the movie Dope, his hair is left as dark as possible.  It is more conservative than its cousin, the skin fade and was popular amongst black businessmen in the early 90's. 

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice

The hightop fade is unique in it's own regard. It is very difficult to pull off if you don't have the density and the curls of black hair. As a matter of fact one of the only people who rocked this haircut that wasn't black was your boy Vanilla Ice, and that took about 30 minutes of blow drying and a whole can of hairspray.

Bonus haircut:


The Sassy Mohawk-


The costar in this movie Kiersey Clemons, who plays Diggy has a pretty nice cut. I think it's boyish charm works well on women with round faces. The length on top lengthens her face, and the shortness on the sides accentuates her cheekbones giving her a better looking jaw line.  Sometimes it's difficult for us barbers to keep haircuts feminine because we are constantly creating haircuts with sharp edges and defined lines.  On women, I prefer a softer line around the sides and back, and I prefer round corners over square ones.

Check out the movie Dope. It looks pretty good. Don't forget to Like - Comment- Share this article. 

Thanks again D-Banks. 

How Cell Phones Ruin The Barbershop Experience

Derrick Banks


We live in a microwave got to have it now digital world.  With the tap of a touch screen button we can order damn near anything, from damn near anyone, anywhere in the world.  Our social interactions are replaced with who we pretend to be on social media. Brand representatives meet brand representatives; we literally put our best faces forward.  Human to human interaction is at an all time low.  However, there is a place.  A place holding on for dear life, grasping on the cliff of face to face contact.  Ever so slightly slipping more and more into the abyss of the internet.   This place, the last resort before complete automation.  The last hideout for rebels, and revolutionaries who still enjoy having conversations face to face with no internet protocols between them, is known only to those that dare enter.  The Barbershop.


How Cell Phones Ruin The Barbershop Experience


1. Walking into the shop while on your cell phone. -- Whenever someone walks into the barbershop I like to greet them. I appreciate every single person who walks through the door.  However, how can I say anything to you without interrupting your previous conversation?  If you are new to the shop how can I ask you if you have an appointment or not?  How can I assist you if I can't even speak to you? The answer is, I can't. So please finish your phone call before you walk into the barbershop. 


2. On your cell phone while you wait.  -- Saturday mornings at the barbershop are my favorite.  Marcos (a long time friend and client) walks in at 9:30am. He greets Mr. Sanders, and Mr Ford and then greets everyone in the entire shop.  He captivates the attention of everyone in the shop because he has a unique perspective on social and political issues.  Mr. Saunders and Mr. Ford listen to us youngsters talk and only interject to correct us on our history, and offer insight that we never would have considered.   And you know whats great?  No one is on a cell phone.

3. Being on you phone whilst in the chair. -- The is the worst one.  Now I know that some of you never stop working even in the barber chair so for you multi-taskers you get a pass.  But for everyone else, please, please, please, I beg of thee. Don't have your phone out in the chair.  First of all it gets in the way. I have a razor in my hand, I'm trying to cut that stray whisker off of your mustache but you think it is imperative to watch Iggy Azalea's new video while in the chair.   

Also your posture while in the chair is very important. I can't get your hairline straight if your head is cocked to the side. Or facing down.  Some of you get all bobbled neck in the chair once you start giggly texting. Please sit still, chill, relax and get fresh. We got you! 


Cell phones make are lives easier. Help us to stay connected with each other. Help us schedule our appointments and even send us reminders. But lets remember that when we are out in public, it is important to have proper cell phone etiquette.  We are all part of the same community.  The human community, and face to face human interaction is vital towards our survival.

That's all for now, Thanks for reading. Please Comment - Like - Share this post. I respond to every comment so feel free to connect.

What is the best haircut for your face shape?

Derrick Banks

Isiah Washington Longer Face

Isiah Washington Longer Face

Now this is an interesting topic, and one that I've been dying to talk about.  Just think about it, have you ever wondered if the haircut your favorite celebrity is wearing actually works for you?  Now I believe that most haircuts can be tailored to the shape of a person's face but a few factors come into play. 

Forget Triangular, Oval, Heart shaped, pear shaped, ect. Most of us, and by us, I mean barbers only look for two things: Lenth and Width.  Is your face longer or wider.  Those two factors help us to determine what look would work best for you.  

Isiah Washington longer face

Isiah Washington longer face

Long- If you have a long face then you want to keep your fade lower on the sides it helps to even out the deminsions of your head shape.  You also want to minimize the length on top because that's just going to make your head look even longer. You don't want to be the conehead in the room.   Isiah Washington is a good example of a person with a long face that grooms himself in a way that makes his look more flattering.  Notice how when his hair is long, and his facial hair is short he looks a certain way. But notice how once his hair is shortened on top and his facial hair is groomed a little bit wider, he looks more flattering and his face looks more proportioned.  

Usher Raymond wider face

Usher Raymond wider face

Wide - If your face is wider then you probably want to stick to haircuts that have more lenth on the top and shorter sides. Since I love talking about fades you can go as high as you want just leave enough room for your barber to blend from short hair into longer hair.  Usher is a good example of a celebrity with a wider face that keeps his hair longer on top. This helps to elongate his face and helps accentuate his facial features.

Before you go switching up your hairstyle on your barber make sure you have enough hair on your head to get the desired look you want. Sometimes Father Time has already won the battle on that end, but don't forget you can always wear a cool hat or sprout an amazing beard. 

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What is a Southside Fade?

Derrick Banks

Negro Boys Southside Chicago April 1940

Negro Boys Southside Chicago April 1940

What's good, I just wanted to take some time and write to you about a fade that's been out there a while that you probably didn't know existed: The Southside Fade. First of all let's see where the name came from.  The Southside Fade is called the Southside because it originates from the southside of Houston, Texas. Have you noticed that the southside of any town always has all the style and flavor? Interesting to say the least. 

Notice how high the fade goes on this cut! 

Notice how high the fade goes on this cut! 

Now what exactly is it. Here is a description I found on the internet but it is a bit brief: 

The “Southside Fade” is a “fade” haircut that is short on the bottom and progressively thicker on the top of the head.  

For those of you that like a more technical description "the Southside Fade" is a variation of a high and tight skin fade.  So high and tight in fact that the fade extends through the crown of the haircut and halfway through the top of the head.

Bonus tool to help achieve the look: 

My New Secret Weapon

My New Secret Weapon

This is the a new shaver from andis and it is killing the competion right now. I recommend that the barber cutting your hair uses this on the side of your fade. It helps to take the hair down on the side almost to the skin.  I've been using this on my fades recently and has really improved the overall look of the haircut.   I recommend that the barber cuts your hair with the grain using a 1A if you are trying to keep a few waves up there. And a 1 against the grain if you are going for a nice low haircut.

Who is this fade for? I'd recommend this fade or a variation of it if you are in the military and are about to go on deployment and you dont want to have to worry about a haircut for a while. I also recommend this haircut for those that are dealing with male pattern baldness. This haircut helps hide the hair that is dissappearing to do Father Time and accentuates the hair that's holding on for dear life.  So if you are going bald, or going out to support America, I think this haircut is perfect for you. 

Until Next Time - DBanks The Best At Helping You Stay Fresh

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Jay-z gets banned from the barbershop!

Derrick Banks


If any of you have been following Jay-z the last couple of months you might be thinking wow Jay-z finally cares about his community:

Jay-z gets banned from the barbershop

Jay-z gets banned from the barbershop

1.  He started a streaming company called Tidal; which aims to battle with other music streaming companies like Pandora and Spotify.   His goal is to offer high quality music, and to pay the music artists more revenue than the two other music streaming giants.

2. He and Beyonce allegedly bailed out Baltimore protestors who were arrested after the so called "riots" stemming from the death of Freddie Gray. 

3.  At the launch of his streaming service Tidal, Jay-z dropped a freestyle where he mentions Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Freddie Gray.  Take a listen for yourself.


Now you're probably thinking to yourself "bravo Jay-z, bravo".  But don't be fooled, let me break something down for you about Jay-z and why he's banned from the barbershop. 

1. Jay-z has never taken a stance on any social or political issues, except for maybe campaigning for his buddy President Barrack Obama.

 Kanye west, as crazy and immature as he is, during a  T.V. fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims in 2005, went off script and said "George Bush doesn't care about black people."  Where was Jay-z? Silent of course.  No wait, he did profit off of Katrina victims by making a song about them on his album.  If it doesn't make him money, he doesn't care.

Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Kareem Abdul Jabaar

Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Kareem Abdul Jabaar

During the civil rights movement top music artists, movie stars, and athletes in the black community were very outspoken and protested racism, and the U.S. Government's inhumane treatment of African-Americans.

The Top athletes and entertainers felt it was their responsibility and obligation to try to affect change in the black community.  Despite what endorsements or contracts they would lose.   You think Jay-z is willing to  sacrifice anything to help black people besides a few dollars that he would have had to pay in taxes anyway? Yeah, I didn't think so either.


Bob Marley

Bob Marley

2. Out of Hundreds of songs Jay-z only has around 3 songs that could be seen as positive.

 Just think of the influence that Jay-z has had on black culture. What he does, people emulate.  Other rappers and entertainers strive to be like him.  Why doesn't he create positive music? Because he thinks that positive music doesn't sell, and he is also in place to further a certain agenda. (I won't go into detail of what that agenda is but its not some unsubstantiated "Illuminati" stuff I'm talking about.  If artists like J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Lupe Fiasco can profit off of positive music, so can the Jigga Man.

Until the philosophy which holds one race superior, and another inferior, is finally and permanently discredited, and abandoned, every where is war
— Bob Marley

 Think of the affect that Bob Marley had on the world, what about Lauryn Hill, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson to name a few. They have all used their influence to bring about change in society. When the music was positive so was the progression of the people.  If we don't stop buying the crazy, negative music, then they won't stop making it.  We have to raise our consciousness and exercise cooperative economics to empower those that are going to in turn help the community.

3.  By mentioning the names of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Freddie Gray, Jay-z is profiting from their deaths.

 He's just using their names to go Viral, and for shock value.  He's never once mentioned them before to that extent. But now that his Tidal company isn't doing so well, he's suddenly Huey P Newton? Get the hell out of here Jay-z!!!  You only care when it is to your own benefit.  

As a barbershop owner, it is my responsibility and duty to be aware of the music I'm playing in the shop and the impact that it has on the minds of the people who listen to it.  I carry the weight of being a positive role model, not only for the youth that look up to me, but also my peers who often turn to me for support. And for those reasons; Jay-z in no longer welcomed in the shop. He is banned until further notice.

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3 quick ways to care for your beard

Derrick Banks

First of all, let me say as a barber, I've been seeing some really dope beards out there. Congrats to those that are true members of the beardgang. However, I've seen some wannabees out there who have no clue of what they're doing. 

1. Make sure you shampoo + condition your beard at least twice a week.


Shampooing keeps your beard clean, and conditioner helps to keep your beard from drying out and also help moisten the skin underneath the beard. 

2. Use a double sided hard/soft brush for a short beard and a wide tooth comb for a long beard.

The hard side of the brush will set the hair in place, and the soft side will keep it there throughout the day, so make sure you have your brush handy on your breaks, ladies powder their noses, men brush or comb their beards. Once your beard gets long you're going to want to use a wide tooth comb to keep those whiskers in check.  A comb that has teeth that are too close together won't do you any good, it will just hurt your face and yank out that nice beard hair that took you so long to grow.

3. Beard oil, beard oil, beard oil.


 Make sure you're using a beard oil. Rub oil into palm and fingers until it is spread evenly onto each hand. This will ensure an even coat for both sides of your beard.  Run hands through beard massaging oil into the skin and hair, and style as you please.  Make sure the skin beneath your beard gets love too. You do not want to have that skin dry out, then you'll be dealing with beard dandruff, and thats not good folks. 

Hear are a few pictures of guys with amazing beards for your beard inspiration. Grow one now, it's never too late to join the #beardgang. 

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Straight Razors and Nasty Barbers

Derrick Banks

Hello again good people, I just wanted to quickly share an insider barbing secret that just might save you some skin, literally. I've been cutting hair professionally now for about 10years and I've worked along some very talented barbers, and some very disgusting ones.  Did you know that in California it takes 1500 hours of training to become a barber? That means 8hrs a day, five days a week, for 9 months.  I know some of you are probably thinking well cutting hair is easy big deal.  Well, cutting hair isn't as easy as you think, and being a good barber isn't just about cutting hair it's about being sanitary. 


Just think, I cut around 15 people on a slow day. Using some of the same tools repeatedly, and I have to make sure that what one person is dealing with doesn't infect me, or anyone else. There's a lot to remember about safety and sanitation in the barbershop, but today I just want to talk about one issue, the use of straight razors. 

Back in the days of Sweeny Todd, barbers used straight razors that had to be cleaned and sharpened between each customer.  The barber had to clean the razor with hot water and then would sharpen the blade on a leather strop. Now imagine the bacteria growing on the strop. It's no wonder the life expectancy in those times was like 42 years! 

Derby Blades

Derby Blades

Old School Straight Razor Strop

Old School Straight Razor Strop

Now a days barbers use straight razors that look a lot like the old ones except there is one difference. The straight razors now have injectible disposable blades that are supposed to be changed after each client. Heck, I even use 2-3 blades per shave. But, there are some nasty barbers out there that are absolutely filthy.  Look, it takes about 12 seconds to change the razor blade and it could be the difference between hepititus and... well, no hepititus, and these lazy barbers won't even change the blade. Come on people it's 12 seconds.  It's a no brainer chefs should always wash their hands, dentists should always wear gloves and barbers should alway change their blades. There is no excuse.

In conclusion. If you have little bumps growing around your edge up. Or if you always have some type of rash after leaving the barbershop. Chances are, you are dealing with a nasty barber, that doesn't mean he/she doesn't cut great hair, it just means they're nasty. Make sure your barber changes the blade between his clients. Show up a little early and check to see if he does it on the client before you. If he doesn't, run, run away as fast as you can.  Trust me, you do not want blood from Junebugg's chin on your mustache. Eeek. 

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Brother Banks Pomade All Natural

Derrick Banks

Hello again good people, I hope all is well. Today I want to talk about a product that I created and why I think it's unlike anything else on the market. First, I'd like to say that if you know me in person or you've read my blog posts, I'm all about the manifestation of ideas, so I'm super excited to talk about this one.  I realized that there was a problem, came up with a solution, and created Brother Banks after months and months of testing.


The Problem: 

Glycerin, and Petroleum based pomades look great, they're able to help your hair stay where you want it to stay, however they do nothing for your scalp. Time and time again I've seen people with amazing hair, but their scalp start snowing as soon as I run a comb through it. Shampooing your hair and applying a product that does nothing for your scalp is like taking a shower and not putting on lotion.  Glycerin is just creepy check out what 101 Healthtips has to say:

(101 Health Steps) Natural-Health-Information-Center describes glycerin as the following: “Glycerin is a syrupy liquid that is chemically produced by combining water and fat. It is used as a solvent and a plasticiser. Unless the humidity of air is over 65%, glycerin draws moisture from the lower layers of the skin and holds it on the surface, drying the skin from the inside out. Known health effects: Serious risks if ingested.

Well what about Petroleum: Petroleum and mineral oil are "occlusive" agents—meaning they seal off the skin from air, water or anything else getting in (or out). Wherever they're applied, they form an invisible film on the surface that blocks the pores and the skin's natural respiration process.

The Solution:

It's called natural.  The human body can metabolize most things that occur naturally in nature.  So I combined these three ingredients along with pressed herbs (for fragrance) to create an all natural great smelling pomade that the body can metabolize and that hydrates your skin. 

Support the Movement:

I know this post was a little long but as your barber I feel it's my duty to educate you on these things. People overseas have been dominating the haircare industry in America for way to long. Especially in the realm of products for African Americans. It's time for us to take control of what belongs to us. Brother Banks can be used for both Straight Hair and African American hair.  You can now purchase it online or at the shop.

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What is the Nick Young aka Swaggy P haircut?

Derrick Banks

Nick Young aka Swaggy P

Nick Young aka Swaggy P

Greetings good people, I know it's been a while but I'm a one man show here people! Just kidding. Let's jump right into this post and the technical aspects of it.  First of all, I have to say this haircut isn't that difficult for barbers to perform and it's kind of fun actually. I like this haircut because It says to the public, "Hey I'm cool, and no I'm not ashamed to show the natural kinks and curls that my ancestors so gracefully bestowed upon me."  Whew that was a long quote. That's not to say that people who wear their hair close are denying their heritage or anything, I'm just saying that with this hairstyle you cannot hide it.

This haircut is similar to the South of France haircut that I previously wrote about. But it usually differs in 3 ways: The top of the hair is always longer, the sides on the top of the haircut are usually cut in a box to exaggerate the length, and the sides are usually tapered to the skin.

Notice how the sides of the top are cut in a box shape, also notice the length of the top and the tapered sides.

Notice how the sides of the top are cut in a box shape, also notice the length of the top and the tapered sides.

This haircut isn't difficult for us barbers at all. It's like doing a hightop fade without cutting the top, and leaving the back to grow. Fairly simple.  Also in order to achieve the kinks and curls associated with this cut I recommend these two products that we sell online and at the shop.

Curl Sponge

Curl Sponge

Design Essentials Daily Moisturizer

Design Essentials Daily Moisturizer

These two tools in the hands of a good barber or a savvy client can work wonders.
 That's it folks, that's all I got for now. Like, Comment, and share this post if it was helpful.
 also if you have an idea for a cool blog post let me know.

Thanks as always my friends.


TeamWork to make your DreamWork

Derrick Banks

In the last blog post I talked about the 4 step process I use to transform my dreams into reality.  In this post I am going to talk about how having a great team definitely made the process easier. I am going to illustrate the process of DreamWork - and how it works seamlessly with TeamWork so that you can have a visual in your mind so that you can get started on accomplishing your dreams today.

When I first looked at the outside of Freshly Faded before any of the work was done,  I thought to myself, wow thats one ugly looking storefront, which meant that It had unlimited potential.  It was  easier to dream up an idea of what I wanted for the outside of the shop because staring at a blank canvas enabled my mind to draw directly from its inner creativity.

2014-11-12 17.10.40.jpg

Next I consulted with a beautiful mind by the name of Kaya. Together we spoke the vision for the outside of the shop into existence. She says all goals should be S.M.A.R.T. ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time oriented.) So we said "the outside of Freshly Faded will be fitted with wood paneling, The font that we used on the website and the logo will be used on the sign outside the shop which also will be made of wood. Each letter will be a foot long and evenly spaced. It will be done by the end of the month."

Next I wrote it down and created a mock up of it in photoshop. The dream became more real then. And I knew we were even closer to success.

Photoshop Mock up of Freshly Faded

Photoshop Mock up of Freshly Faded

Now I had to actually assemble a team of builders and doers. First I got lucky and the landlord decided to do the buildout of the wood paneling with some of the laborers he used in the past on some other projects of his. Next I had to find someone or a company to actually build the wooden block letters for the sign.  After realizing signage was a lot more expensive than we originally thought, we decided we would do it ourselves. So, my trusty companion Kaya, once again came to the rescue and found a company online who would build and paint the block letters for us. But we took it upon ourselves to handle the painting job, saved us some $$$, plus we wanted in on the process, after all it was our brain child.  


After the wood paneling was up, and the block letters were all hand painted (spray paint) Kaya and I looked up and realized another limitation. I've never climbed on a ladder before and drilled block letters into wood paneling and neither had she.  So we decided to add another person to our team. Her dad "Papa" as they affectionately call him (who just so happens to be a carpenter) was up for the challenge and put the finishing touches on the sign.



As the job was completed Kaya and I took a step back and stood in astonishment as we witnessed the physical manifestation of our dream. That day we gave birth to our first child. An Idea!

"Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears" - Richard Wilkins 

So start dreaming and let go of your fear of failing. If you can conceive it then it can be done!

Thank you for your time.



DreamWork - The trick to making your dreams a reality

Derrick Banks

I just wanted to take a little bit of time to talk to you about Dream-Building, the process I've used to make Freshly Faded the amazing place that it is today.

To take a dream, an idea, a creative thought, and transform it into an actual 3d reality is such an exciting thing that I get chills just thinking about how cool it really is. Here is an abridged version of what I do when I want to bring and idea into existence:

1. First I Dream. Then I say to myself "what can I create that's going to be cool? What can I create that I am going to love, and stand behind?  And do I really believe deep down within myself that it's possible?" 

2. Next, I say it out loud. I tell myself exactly what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it. Already on this level my dream has become a physical thing.  It is a sound,a frequency, a vibration thats flowing freely through the air, bouncing off of walls. 

3. Then I write it all down, sketch it out, and make a mock-up of it on the computer. Now it's even more real than before. I can see it, it looks great, it's almost like looking at the ultrasound when a baby is still in the womb. It's a sneak peek into the life of an idea about to be born into a world of physical substance.

4. Then I create it. Or find someone that has the ability to make it for me.

Seeing your vision brought to life is one of the most rewarding feelings I've ever experienced.  If you've never birthed and idea, I implore you to do so. And when you do, you can bask in the glory of knowing that there is no limit to your creativity, and what you create is always the size of your dream. So dream big my friends!

 Throughout steps 1-4 there are even more steps. Steps that require someone else's help and expertise. And that will lead us to our next blog post. Team-Work and the power of leveraging other peoples talents.


Art Shows and live music? Just cut hair!

Derrick Banks

Art Collective Art Show July 26th 2014

Art Collective Art Show July 26th 2014

I opened Freshly Faded because I wanted to add something new and different to the community.  Growing up in the 4th district of San Diego I wasn't really exposed to live instrumentation or art. There were plenty of sports to play but never did I get to see an art show or go to a place where I could see a band perform.  It wasn't until much later in life that my appreciation for art and music grew. My goal is to expose the people in my community to things they've never seen or heard before.  As a young business owner, I feel obligated in a way to create something positive in a world over flowing with negativity.  It's up to my generation to help create a renaissance  to combat all the negative stereotypes that are associated with urban youth.  Although hosting an event at the shop, after cutting hair all day, can be exhausting. I will continue to go hard and give 100% to the people that I love and the community that supports me.  Thank you to every artist and musician who has ever been involved in one of our art shows or live music events your energy and time means more to me then you know.