5. You're always ontime

In todays day and age being on a schedule is everything. Your barber loves that fact that you come on time that way he/she is able to keep up with the rest  of their appointments.

4. You don't try to cut your own hair!

Here's an interesting fact; most barbers do not cut their own hair. Not to say that they can't, it's just to say that they'd rather not. Once a barber becomes familiar with your hair they create a pattern that they can easily follow. Once you try to cut your own hair you erase that pattern and the barber has to start from scratch.

3.  You tell other people about your barber

A huge percentage of your barber's income comes from word of mouth referrals. So if you like your barber and you want him to stay in business then please tell other people about your barber.

2. You tip well.

Think about this:  The lady at Denny's who took your order, brought your food to your table promptly, and refilled your strawberry lemonade deserves a 20% tip. Your barber who knows your name, helps you stay fresh, counsels you about your wife. Gives you a free haircut on your birthday and is sincerely concerned about your well being, sometimes gets nothing.

So if you want to show your gratitude please tip your barber. It's not about the amount you tip, but the fact that you are tipping period.

1. Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty

I cannot stress this enough your barber would not be able to advance in their career if it wasn't for the loyalty of their clients.  So if your barber does a good job on your hair, treats you kindly and doesnt neglect you. Then by all means stay loyal. Good barbers are hard to find these days so keep that in mind.

Derrick BanksComment