5 reasons why your barber might hate you!

5. Your breath stinks! If you didn't brush your teeth then please don't tell me a story. There's nothing worse then being forced to put aftershave on your mustache just to make it through a haircut.

4. Grease (and I'm not talking about a John Travolta movie) if you have a pound of Dax or Sportin Waves in your hair how do you expect for your barber to cut your hair. Your killing your hair follicles and my clippers.

3. Kids! Now we all love kids but most of us hate cutting them, but if your kid is bad as hell and won't sit still why in the hell would you ask me to give lil Ty-Ty a Mohawk with stars on the side? Watch your kids and stop texting.

2. Chair hopper! Last week your barber spent an hour trying to repair the damage that another barber did to your haircut and hairline! He fixed your taper was extra careful not to push your hairline back and now this week your hopping in that other guys chair again! Your fired! I'm all about loyalty, do that one too many times and your fired!

1. You never make an appointment! Imagine this: you worked six hours straight and are just about to take a lunch break, in walks your boss who asks can you do one more task before your break. You want to say no! Because if you don't take a break now you probably never will get one.

how about working ten hours straight, all you had to eat was a 50 cent bag of peanuts and a guava Kearns drink, your about to go home but your boss ask you to do one more task! One task turns into 3 more and you have to cancel your dinner plans because now your too exhausted to do anything except take a shower and crawl into bed.

Barbers are not machines, please treat us with the respect we deserve.

If your breath doesn't stink, if you don't have a pound of grease in your scalp, if you control your kids, if you stick to one barber and you make and keep your appointments then click the schedule now button to the right. Otherwise continue being mediocre! 

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Derrick Banks2 Comments