Black Barbershop San Diego

    It's come to my attention that good black barbershops in San Diego are really hard to find, so I've decided to write this article to explain why. 

First of all- San Diego has an extremely small percentage of black people so finding a cool place that caters to black people in San Diego is all but impossible.  Why would business owners target such a small market of people? The answer: They Don't!

Secondly- Black Barbers in San Diego are spoiled! Since there is a shortage of black barbershops in San Diego there is an over abundance of customers for black barbers. They can basically treat people however they feel because there are always going to be more people looking for haircuts. "you've been waiting four hours? Sorry I'm going to lunch."

Last but not least- Owners do not care either! Since there are a shortage of black barbershops in San Diego, black barbers only have a few choices of where they are going to work to make money.  So owners don't care if barbers are doing well or not. They just want as much booth rent from as many barbers as possible. "You only cut 4 heads this week?" "that's cool booth rent is 150."  Owners don't really care how the barbers treat customers they just want their cut!

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