Barbers are psychologists.

Barbers are psychologists.  We cut your hair, you share your life experiences with us and we also give and receive great advice.  We have been there for you through your break ups and make ups, through getting fired from one job, and receiving a promotion at another. We told you how cute your daughter was when she was born, and offered our condolences when an elderly relative passed away.  We have always been there for you and will always be there when you need us.


  According to a recent study by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, only roughly 2% of men go to therapy.  Men must have outlets, they must have a place where they can go to to express themselves, a place to talk to someone about life and let off steam, guilt, hurt, etc, all the while not compromising their masculinity. Do you know where this place is for most men? If you said the barbershop then you are 100% correct.

As barbers we have a pretty difficult job, not only do we have to remember exactly how we cut your hair last week and make your receding hairline absolutely perfect, we must also offer sound advice to help you navigate through life, and that to me is a huge responsibility.  And one not to be taken lightly.

It is our job to stay current on world events, politics, and sports.  But the most important job that we have is to lend our minds and ears to you.  It has been my pleasure for the last 11 years to listen to and learn from so many of you, I am extremely honored.  So next time you're down in the dumps or your ecstatic about the girl you met on tender feel free to share with us (we won't judge you) .

Thanks For Your Time.


Derrick Banks3 Comments