Buck: a Memior by Mk Asante

A few years ago my trusted companion Kaya and I were watching a documentary film titled 500 years later by a young filmaker named MK Asante.  The film hit home for the both of us and we were blown away by a few of the interviews we saw featuring the young writer/director.  I remember Kaya saying "how come no one cool like that comes to San Diego?" To which I replied, "Sh...t I'm the coolest person I know, I don't know what u talkin' 'bout."  But in all honesty she had a point, MK Asante was cool, charismatic, and intelligent.

Fast foward a few years, I own my own business and now it's my turn to fufill the obligation that I have to my community to help empower them through reading. In the shop you can see I've sold everything from New York's Boss sauce, to socks and bow ties. But the most important thing I've sold thus far are books. Reading is a fundamental necessity in anyones education, whether it be personal or academic.  Without the vocabulary to express your ideas, hopes, dreams, and aspirations, how can you become more than what you already are?

MK Asante

MK Asante

Imagine how excited I was to learn that MK Asante was coming to San Diego on a book tour to promote his latest work, Buck: A Memior.  I immediately found a way to contact MK, told him I was interested in carrying Buck in the shop, and that it would be great to meet him. Before I go any further let me tell you about Buck if you haven't already read it.  Buck is a memior about MK's early life growing up in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania or as he calls it Killadelphia Pistolvania.  But it's more than that, it is a time period piece that encapsulates the slang and vibration of the early 90's on the mean streets of Philly. The only thing in literature that I can compare it to is Mark Twains Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. But I don't think that does the memior justice either. It resonates with people all over the world because it speaks to something deep within all of us. The desire to figure out who we are and what we want to do with our lives without falling victim to societies traps in the process. 

Sitting down and talking one on one with Mk was a dope experience. We chatted about everything from Kendrick Lamar to Africa to poverty and then about our obligations to our community.  MK is a cool guy and I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him.  It's refereshing to know that there are people out there on the same page as you. Trying the best we can to be a torch bearer of light for our brothers and sisters trying to navigate their way through the darkness.  


Pick up Buck: a Memoir by Mk Asante at the shop or online at www.mkasante.com