3 quick ways to care for your beard

First of all, let me say as a barber, I've been seeing some really dope beards out there. Congrats to those that are true members of the beardgang. However, I've seen some wannabees out there who have no clue of what they're doing. 

1. Make sure you shampoo + condition your beard at least twice a week.


Shampooing keeps your beard clean, and conditioner helps to keep your beard from drying out and also help moisten the skin underneath the beard. 

2. Use a double sided hard/soft brush for a short beard and a wide tooth comb for a long beard.

The hard side of the brush will set the hair in place, and the soft side will keep it there throughout the day, so make sure you have your brush handy on your breaks, ladies powder their noses, men brush or comb their beards. Once your beard gets long you're going to want to use a wide tooth comb to keep those whiskers in check.  A comb that has teeth that are too close together won't do you any good, it will just hurt your face and yank out that nice beard hair that took you so long to grow.

3. Beard oil, beard oil, beard oil.


 Make sure you're using a beard oil. Rub oil into palm and fingers until it is spread evenly onto each hand. This will ensure an even coat for both sides of your beard.  Run hands through beard massaging oil into the skin and hair, and style as you please.  Make sure the skin beneath your beard gets love too. You do not want to have that skin dry out, then you'll be dealing with beard dandruff, and thats not good folks. 

Hear are a few pictures of guys with amazing beards for your beard inspiration. Grow one now, it's never too late to join the #beardgang. 

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