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Straight Razors and Nasty Barbers


Straight Razors and Nasty Barbers

Derrick Banks

Hello again good people, I just wanted to quickly share an insider barbing secret that just might save you some skin, literally. I've been cutting hair professionally now for about 10years and I've worked along some very talented barbers, and some very disgusting ones.  Did you know that in California it takes 1500 hours of training to become a barber? That means 8hrs a day, five days a week, for 9 months.  I know some of you are probably thinking well cutting hair is easy big deal.  Well, cutting hair isn't as easy as you think, and being a good barber isn't just about cutting hair it's about being sanitary. 


Just think, I cut around 15 people on a slow day. Using some of the same tools repeatedly, and I have to make sure that what one person is dealing with doesn't infect me, or anyone else. There's a lot to remember about safety and sanitation in the barbershop, but today I just want to talk about one issue, the use of straight razors. 

Back in the days of Sweeny Todd, barbers used straight razors that had to be cleaned and sharpened between each customer.  The barber had to clean the razor with hot water and then would sharpen the blade on a leather strop. Now imagine the bacteria growing on the strop. It's no wonder the life expectancy in those times was like 42 years! 

 Derby Blades

Derby Blades

 Old School Straight Razor Strop

Old School Straight Razor Strop

Now a days barbers use straight razors that look a lot like the old ones except there is one difference. The straight razors now have injectible disposable blades that are supposed to be changed after each client. Heck, I even use 2-3 blades per shave. But, there are some nasty barbers out there that are absolutely filthy.  Look, it takes about 12 seconds to change the razor blade and it could be the difference between hepititus and... well, no hepititus, and these lazy barbers won't even change the blade. Come on people it's 12 seconds.  It's a no brainer chefs should always wash their hands, dentists should always wear gloves and barbers should alway change their blades. There is no excuse.

In conclusion. If you have little bumps growing around your edge up. Or if you always have some type of rash after leaving the barbershop. Chances are, you are dealing with a nasty barber, that doesn't mean he/she doesn't cut great hair, it just means they're nasty. Make sure your barber changes the blade between his clients. Show up a little early and check to see if he does it on the client before you. If he doesn't, run, run away as fast as you can.  Trust me, you do not want blood from Junebugg's chin on your mustache. Eeek. 

Thats all for now, I hoped you enjoyed this post. Please Like - Comment - Share this post. 

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