Brother Banks Pomade All Natural

Hello again good people, I hope all is well. Today I want to talk about a product that I created and why I think it's unlike anything else on the market. First, I'd like to say that if you know me in person or you've read my blog posts, I'm all about the manifestation of ideas, so I'm super excited to talk about this one.  I realized that there was a problem, came up with a solution, and created Brother Banks after months and months of testing.


The Problem: 

Glycerin, and Petroleum based pomades look great, they're able to help your hair stay where you want it to stay, however they do nothing for your scalp. Time and time again I've seen people with amazing hair, but their scalp start snowing as soon as I run a comb through it. Shampooing your hair and applying a product that does nothing for your scalp is like taking a shower and not putting on lotion.  Glycerin is just creepy check out what 101 Healthtips has to say:

(101 Health Steps) Natural-Health-Information-Center describes glycerin as the following: “Glycerin is a syrupy liquid that is chemically produced by combining water and fat. It is used as a solvent and a plasticiser. Unless the humidity of air is over 65%, glycerin draws moisture from the lower layers of the skin and holds it on the surface, drying the skin from the inside out. Known health effects: Serious risks if ingested.

Well what about Petroleum: Petroleum and mineral oil are "occlusive" agents—meaning they seal off the skin from air, water or anything else getting in (or out). Wherever they're applied, they form an invisible film on the surface that blocks the pores and the skin's natural respiration process.

The Solution:

It's called natural.  The human body can metabolize most things that occur naturally in nature.  So I combined these three ingredients along with pressed herbs (for fragrance) to create an all natural great smelling pomade that the body can metabolize and that hydrates your skin. 

Support the Movement:

I know this post was a little long but as your barber I feel it's my duty to educate you on these things. People overseas have been dominating the haircare industry in America for way to long. Especially in the realm of products for African Americans. It's time for us to take control of what belongs to us. Brother Banks can be used for both Straight Hair and African American hair.  You can now purchase it online or at the shop.

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