What in the world is a Shadow Fade?


This weeks haircut is going to be an easy one.  The Shadow Fade.


A Shadow Fade is any haircut that starts off lighter on the sides and blends into longer hair on top. That's it! Just kidding. There are many variations of a shadow fade. Just like with a skin fade the barber can start the blend low, medium, or high. You can also choose to keep the length on the sides light, medium, or dark. The hair on top can also be any length just as long as it is longer than the sides. Unless you are of course George Jefferson and you have a reverse fade. I'm a fan of the shadow fade if you have waves on top but your skin is too sensitive for the trimmers every week. I also like the shadow fade because it is clean, yet subtle. You don't have to walk around all the time saying "hey look at my haircut" the shadow fade says "yup I'm clean, but I'm not flossing it." Find out if the shadow fade is right for you by trying it out. Or start noticing people wearing them and how they look on them. Then ask your barber if he/she thinks its right for you. A good barber's opinion can go a long way.

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If you need a haircut please enter the word "shadow fade" in the message box when you schedule an appointment for 1/22/2014 only and receive 25% off any service.