What is The Gentlemen's Mohawk aka the South of France Haircut?


Last week we covered what a skin fade is, This week we will be talking about The Gentlemen's Mohawk, also known as the South of France. Made popular by our friend Usher Raymond and his barber Curtis Smith from Xotics. So lets jump right in and break down the details of this haircut.

I really like this haircut because it adds a since of class and elegance to whomever is wearing it. We are moving away from the landing strip style mohawks worn by Mr. T and Chuck Liddell, and shifting in a direction that says "hey look at me, I'm stylish and classy. A little cocky, but not at all unrefined.

Technically The South of France is a wide mohawk, it's kept darker on the sides, and a lot of the times tapered at the temples. Usher if you look closely rocks a burst fade on the sides. I know, I know, right now you're probably thinking what the heck is a burst fade? A burst fade is a taper, slightly shifted to an area above the ear. Since all the hair is still dark on the sides the fade above the ear appears to burst out from around the ear.

Another component I want to touch on before I conclude this blog post is the nappiness or the curls on top. Finally we are are beginning to take  pride in the natural coils in our hair. And styling our hair in ways that  will enhance it instead of damaging it with all sorts of chemicals.  Although the popularity of this haircut is declining I am excited to see what the future holds.

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-also there is a really cool curl defining tool called nudred, you can find it online at www.nudred.com