Warning! Do Not Shave with a Razor Unless...

As black males we are taught to shave way too early, and forced to use products that were not designed for our skin.


Ask most black males their number one problem when it comes to their skin and they'll tell you:  Razor bumps and Ingrown hairs.

I suffer with this problem myself. The razor bump war is a constant battle, you have to be very precise and diligent to keep razor bumps and ingrown hairs under control. Below I've written a few steps for black males to follow when shaving. Followed by a few Bonus tips to keep things managable.

The Black males guide to shaving in 6 easy steps

1. Make sure your face is clean and well moisturized before shaving. I recommend using a pre shave oil (usually tea tree). Followed by a hot towel to soften the hairs on the face. The softer the facial hair the easier it will be to shave.

Badger Hair Shaving Brush

2. Apply a lather using a badger hair shaving brush like this one here.
Apply lather in a circular motion to lift the hair from the skin.
This helps the razor catch the hair more effectively.

3. Shave in the direction the hair is growing - with the grain. I know, I know you'll be
tempted to shave against the grain for a closer shave but trust me, all that does is
increase the possibility of you getting ingrown hairs and razor bumps because there is
a better chance that your skin will be irritated. Take your time when shaving to avoid
going over the same area twice, and to avoid nicks and abrasions.

4. When your finished shaving rinse the face with cold water to help close your pores, soothe your face, and prevent irritation.
5.Follow that with an after-shave solution that contains ingredients that help hydrate the skin like witch hazel and aloe.

6. Then use a natural moisturizer to keep the skin from drying out, and to protect it from the elements. Especially during winter. There is nothing more embarrassing then walking around with an ashy face.
I recommend using a combination of shea butter, and coco butter.


Now a few bonus tips from an old pro.
1. Keep your face as clean as possible. Neutrogena has some really good products to help with that.
2. Exfoliate using a facial scrub. This allows the dead skin to be removed and helps to prevent the hair from becoming trapped underneath the skin.

3. And last but not least. Shave every other day. Shaving too often will result in irritated skin. Not shaving often enough will allow the hair to grow out, curl, and try to burrow itself right back where it came from.
Like I said constant battle!

Stand firm soldiers. We are brothers in Arms.

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