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The 4 Best Black Male Haircuts of 2013


The 4 Best Black Male Haircuts of 2013

Derrick Banks

I was searching around the internet looking for links that I could send to my customers to show them some fresh hairstyles. What I found was absolutely horrible and ridiculous, don't believe me? Go to google and type in "cool black men's hairstyles" and bam!!! You will see exactly what I'm talking about. Since I couldn't find anything dope I decided to take this time and write to you all from a barber's perspective and keep things simple. I know some of you hate reading so I'll add some pictures with a brief description and send you on your merry way.


I chose these 4 haircuts because I believe they are the most popular, they look the dopest, and I believe they capture the essence and the style of each of these celebrities rocking these hairstyles. And that's what its all about. Creating a hairstyle that matches your personality, your brand, and aura. So please do not get a Mohawk with stars etched into the sides of your head if your an introvert, or get a even low haircut if you have a big booming personality. Do what fits who you are. 

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