A Barber's Time

First of all let me just say this. I absolutely love cutting hair, and I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else to earn a living. I also love and appreciate each and every one of my clients.  I enjoy the conversations we have on numerous topics. I enjoy hearing about the beef you have with your boss at work. And I'm almost as proud as you are when I hear about your kids doing well in school, or scoring 2 goals in last weeks soccer game.

I also value your time.  I do know that as much as you love getting a haircut, and as much as you love the barbershop convo, you have a life and things to do.  Way Back in the day (2 years ago) in order to get a haircut you'd come to the shop ask the barber how many heads he had in front of you then sit down and wait for up to 2 hours.  I noticed that while you waited you were probably going to whip out your handy dandy smart phone and play angry birds or get on facebook. I came up with an idea. How about I set up a website where clients can pick the day and time they need a cut and that way they don't have to wait.  And Boom here we are today.

One thing that is really dope about schedulicity is that it allows you to book way in advance and it also emails you a reminder the day before your haircut.  So now there is no need to call your barber (who never answers the phone anyway) and wait for he/she to ruffle through an appointment book and tell you what they have available. Now I know your probably thinking "hey man that's way impersonal". But guess what you're still going to have the personal experience of sitting in the barber's chair having a great conversation and getting an amazing haircut, and that my friend will never change!

Now lets briefly talk about my time or lack there of.  I work 8hrs a day 5 days a week and cut around 16heads a day. That means that I cut 1 person every 30 minutes everyday without taking a break. So if you're more than 5 minutes late than everyone else is going to be 5 minutes late to wherever they need to be. It's like a chain reaction. If you schedule an appointment and you don't show up then that means money is lost and someone else could've taken your spot.  I don't ask for much. I just ask that you come on time and if you can't make it in for your appointment just go online to cancel it only takes about 2 minutes.

A barber's time in the shop and outside of the shop is just as precious as yours so please take that into consideration. I really appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks for your time!


Derrick Banks4 Comments