How to get a great edge up!

The Secret To The Ultimate Edge Up

First of all if you don't know what an edge up is you shouldn't even be going to a barbershop stick with a salon buddy! I'm just kidding. An edge up which is also commonly referred to as a line up, Is that crisp outline you see going around the edges of a lot of great haircuts. (shape-up for our east coast friends)

I've seen great edge ups and i've seen those that look like your hairline got into a fight with Wolverine. Now before we began we are going to need some of the dopest tools on the market.

1. andis t-outliner 2. rhino comb 3. liquid razor 4. injectable blade straight razor.


An edge up can make or break a haircut.  You can have the cleanest fade ever and have a wack edge up and it will make the whole haircut look bad.

The first thing to do is to prep the edge of the haircut. If the hair is too thick around the edges then the line up won't last long at all. So the first thing to do is to lighten up the edges around the cut. I don't mean taper the whole haircut I just mean lighten the edges just a tad. If you don't know how to do this no worries just come to the shop and I'll gladly teach you how to do it.

Next you want to apply a generous amount of the liquid razor around the the edges of the haircut and blow dry the edges in place.  Clippers vibrate and so does the hair along the edges when the clippers are applied there. Sometimes you could almost swear that the hair was running from the clippers.  Liquid razor works great to keep the hair where it needs to be.

The next step is a process of visualization.  You want to stand directly in front of the client and visualize a nice line going all the way around their head. You don't want to push any hairlines back so be sure to visualize a hairline that is as forward as possible.  For some people you might have to take a corner back to match the receding side, just let the client know before hand.

The next step is like your good friends at nike say "just do it".  I think the jury is still out on where to start the edge up but I say do what is comfortable to you. Just remember to comb the hair forward as you work.  Also your eyes and your brain try to magically straighten out lines that aren't straight at all. Always use the mirror it never lies.

Now it's time to check your work. The rhino comb is very handy in this area.  Measure different areas of the line up to make sure the edge up is as symmetrically balanced as possible.  I think the beauty of a haircut lies in its symmetry.

Now that you have everything measured and you've used your rhino-comb to make sure the left side is a mirror image of the right.  You want to clean everything up with your straight razor to get all the hairs that you missed with your clippers.  Some people use a shaving gel and some don't it's up to you. You know your clients skin and what works best for them. Just remember to be careful with that razor.  We don't want any Sweeny Todd moments.

Thats it folks. Sounds easy doesn't it? You'd be surprised by how many barbers make this a difficult process.  It takes time to develop your visualization skills, learn how to get the clippers to work for you, and to become comfortable with the straight razor. But once you do the sky is the limit.

If you're tired of wack edge ups then click the schedule now button below and come see us. We will get you back into the game in no time. Thanks again.


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