DreamWork - The trick to making your dreams a reality

I just wanted to take a little bit of time to talk to you about Dream-Building, the process I've used to make Freshly Faded the amazing place that it is today.

To take a dream, an idea, a creative thought, and transform it into an actual 3d reality is such an exciting thing that I get chills just thinking about how cool it really is. Here is an abridged version of what I do when I want to bring and idea into existence:

1. First I Dream. Then I say to myself "what can I create that's going to be cool? What can I create that I am going to love, and stand behind?  And do I really believe deep down within myself that it's possible?" 

2. Next, I say it out loud. I tell myself exactly what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it. Already on this level my dream has become a physical thing.  It is a sound,a frequency, a vibration thats flowing freely through the air, bouncing off of walls. 

3. Then I write it all down, sketch it out, and make a mock-up of it on the computer. Now it's even more real than before. I can see it, it looks great, it's almost like looking at the ultrasound when a baby is still in the womb. It's a sneak peek into the life of an idea about to be born into a world of physical substance.

4. Then I create it. Or find someone that has the ability to make it for me.

Seeing your vision brought to life is one of the most rewarding feelings I've ever experienced.  If you've never birthed and idea, I implore you to do so. And when you do, you can bask in the glory of knowing that there is no limit to your creativity, and what you create is always the size of your dream. So dream big my friends!

 Throughout steps 1-4 there are even more steps. Steps that require someone else's help and expertise. And that will lead us to our next blog post. Team-Work and the power of leveraging other peoples talents.