How to pick a good barber

I'm writing this because I see so many wack, wanna be barbers out there it's ridiculous. With so many scavanger haircutters out there and the lack of professionalism in the barbering industry. You the customer has forgotten what a good barber does and what a good barber looks like and let alone how to find one. So let me help you.

I'm going to assume that you are new to the city or your tired of the wack haircut or lack of respect you recieve from your current barber. So this is what you do:

Take out your handy dandy phone and google best barbershop in (insert your city) and hit search.

You are going to see google ads pop up, your also going to see 7 google places pop up and a list of websites best matching you're search.

Those top 7 google places are where you want to start. You want to check out those places read their reviews look at there pictures and then give them a call.

Here's a secret most barbers that are good are busy. So most barbers that are any good will have a scheduling system in place. If not you can easily spend an hour or 2 in a barbershop waiting on a barber. So ask the barbershop if you can schedule an appointment.

Next your going to show up at least a half an hour early and your going to sit and watch all the barbers in the shop.

Just because a barber doesn't have a good haircut does not mean he cannot cut hair and vice versa.

Watch each barber as he works. Notice if the barbers have their barber licenses displayed in plain view,  notice if the barbers are spraying their clippers and keeping there tools and stations clean.

If the overall atmosphere is clean and sanitary and the haircuts are good, stay and get a cut. If not tell the barber something came up and go to the next shop and repeat the process.

Note: You can always go to the mall or somewhere and find a person with a good haircut and then ask him who cuts his hair.  Make sure you go and see the barber in action before you get a haircut.

Hope I was helpful.

Dbanks the barber