5 Things That You Should Not See At The Shop

5. Two Chainz, Plies, Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, or any other deragatory bafoon rappers playing in the presence of women or children.

4. Your barber should not be drinking any kind of alcohlic beverage before or after your haircut (not even after shave). If your barber is leaning so will your hairline!

3. Excessive cussing in front of women and children. Your grandma and your nephew shouldn't have to see a pastor after they leave the barbershop.

2. Your barber should not smell like weed, sweat, death or goat piss, he should strive to maintain a professional image (even if he might be too busy cutting to ever get his own haircut).

1. No racism, sexism, classism or homophobicism (made up a word) should ever be displayed in the shop, no person should be made to feel uncomfortable to be themselves in the barbershop.

If any of these things are going on at the barbershop tell your barber to change them, or refer him to this blog. 

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